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100 Ω/120 Ω Balanced PCM Cables for Transmission Equipment Installation

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Product Brief :

We provide PCM cables for use in different industries. The specification for these cables is listed below.

Ref. Standandards: Lucent, Ericsson, Alcatel & TEC
Conductor: Solid plain annealed copper to IEC 60228
Insulation: PE/Foam PE.
Pair Colour: A Wire-Red, B Wire-Blue
Lay-up: Two insulated conductors twisted to form a pair, Screened with numbered Aluminium mylar tape with 0.5mm ATC earth wire. Required number of pairs are laid up, stranded together to form a compact circular cable.
Wrapping: Polyester or polyethylene tapes are taped around the cable for isolation.
Screening: Aluminium mylar tape lapped with overlap. Nominal thickness of tape is 0.05mm with earth wire 0.5mm ATC.
Braiding (Optional): 0.15mm ATC braiding with minimum coverage of 30% and 35-40° braid angle.

Product Specification:


Technical Specifications :

Conductor Diameter (mm) Conductor Resis- tance(Loop) at 20° C (Ω /km) Insulation Resistance (MΩ/Km) Capacitance Un- balance Pair to Ground(pF)for 500m Impedance (Ω ) Resistance Unbalance % Cross talk db for 500m. Length
0.4 308 5000 2000 120 2.5 70
0.5 187.9 5000 2000 120 2.5 70


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 100 Ω/120 Ω Balanced PCM Cables for Transmission Equipment Installation





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