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reflection coefficient Calculator:

The reflection coefficient is the ratio of reflected wave to incident wave at point of reflection. This value varies from -1 (for short load) to +1 (for open load), and becomes 0 for matched impedance load.
Formala is:

where ZS is the impedance toward the source,
      ZL is the impedance toward the load.

ZS(impedance toward the source)=
ZL(impedance toward the load)=

The reflection coefficient=

return loss Calculator:

This is the dB value of absolute reflection coefficient.
This loss value becomes 0 for 100% reflection and becomes infinite for ideal connection.
Formula is::

reflection coefficient(Γ)=


return loss =

return loss Calculator:(by using VSWR)

Formula is::


return loss =

VSWR Calculator:

This is the ratio of maximum voltage to minimum voltage in standing wave pattern.
It varies from 1 to (plus) infinity.
Formula is::

reflection coefficient(Γ)=


VSWR Calculator:(by using RL)

return loss(RL)=


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