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Article Directories
« on: July 12, 2011, 06:30:36 PM »
Let's face it: writing articles can be a long drawn out process- at least if you plan on benefiting from it. The quality of an article is dependent on whether or not how well it ranks among the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Let's first observe how writing an article with good content, an attractive title and picking the right keywords to rank for so when users search terms that apply to your article you actually receive traffic, but more important then the traffic your article receives is the quality of the article you post, you see traffic and content go hand in hand.
The first talk about the structure of article writing. A good article should have more then just links to a site or blog, it should contain valuable information that the user can gain from reading rather than leading up to a few sites, while using contextual links is very effective having quality content is even more valuable and here is why:
"   There are a plethora of blogs and websites online- millions upon millions if we must get technical.
"   An article with useful content will be published to other blogs, and yes that gives you more credibility as a writer.
"   Each article should be unique and original, don't just copy and paste content. Search engines love unique content nothing beats handwritten content, even if you aren't the best writer.
"   Choose a creative title- Don't just focus on keywords, remember that humans read your article choose a title that would be appealing if a human were looking through search results for your term. For example what would you rather click:  Facts about Article Writing or 10 Facts about Writing Better Articles? Specific titles will drive more traffic and appeal to readers
I'll be the first to admit: I'm not no novelist, I'm not the best of writers but I do have a passion for writing and I always have. When it comes to writing articles and submitting original and creative content I have found that writers who enjoy blogging or writing often are most successful with writing.
Okay, so far I have covered just a few tips for writing, choosing a good title, including descriptive text and using keywords in your article but what about sharing the article with others? If you have a Twitter, Digg of Facebook account you can share your content there. I have found that sites like Twitter and Digg work the best for sharing original and creative blog posts, stories or writing. Submitting to social directories will allow other people to see the content and if they find it useful or valuable they will often continue sharing what they have found.
SEO is the next important factor when it comes to writing, what platform will the article be published on? Blog style, basic website and how is the URL structure? WordPress has definitely been proven to be the best structure to post articles on simple due to the fact of how SEO friend WordPress is. WordPress has many available plugins for SEO as well as the URL uses keywords which ultimately means more traffic to posts, there is no doubt that WordPress is the best platform for bloggers or those who plan on writing articles. Submit to many article submission sites and directories in order to maximize the quality and quantity of content you wish to expose.
That just about covers most of the tips I can think of today as far as writing better articles. Let's quickly review what we covered:
"   Write original and creative content: Definitely the most important aspect for blogging or writing in general
"   Talk about something different and interesting, current news or controversial  topics can fire up a lot of discussion which is always a good thing
"   Use a creative title that is appealing to what the reader sees- not the search engine.
"   Make your post of value, a post that is too short usually doesn't do well try to keep your post above 300 words.
"   Use tags or keywords if available, this is where you can add your keywords, include quality content throughout your post, that is overall more important then keywords/tags.
"   Enjoy what you have written and write often! Even if you only can write for a few minutes a day spend time writing on various platforms even if you open up notepad for a couple of minutes to express some thoughts, there is always time for writing!
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