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« on: January 24, 2023, 12:32:38 AM » a software download website offers Learning and Assessment Software (LAAS). Learning and Assessment Software (LAAS) is a eLearning software consists of 3 main modules, namely, author module, exam module, and learning module.

The author module provides authors to input content which may consist of questions & answers, course notes, and multimedia. Several file formats are supported for inputting content, including text, pdf, audio, video, and multimedia.

The exam module provides a way to deliver exams to the intended users. Several question types such as multiple choice MCQs, and drag n drop are supported. The configuration screen enables the examiner or the author to configure exam delivery options such as time allowed, proctoring, and screen capture.

The learning module is basically a course delivery engine that provides course content to the candidates. Several types of content is supported, including multimedia content.

Learning and Assessment Software (LAAS) is used to provide educational institutions, businesses, and individuals with online learning resources. The programme is a total solution for any business or academic institution that wishes to offer content and assessment assessments online.