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Circular MT Cable Assemblies

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Product Brief :

High-density Circular MT Cable Assemblies designed for critical, high-reliability applications. Molex's rugged, high-density circular MT cable assemblies are designed to meet requirements mandated by telecommunication, military,medical and many other industries. Utilizing the low-profile Circular MT or 1-by-3 circular connectors, these cable assemblies are designed to meet or exceed the mechanical specifications of traditional data communication and telecommunication inter-chassis connections.

The circular MT assemblies use a single MT ferrule housed in a nickel-plated, metal-connector shell. Fiber counts range from 12 to 72 fibers. The metal housing and stainless steel push-pull locking ring provide a more robust design than the current industry standard MTP* and MPO connectors polymer housings and latches. The MT ferrule is recessed in both the circular connector and receptacle housings, providing an additional improvement over traditional MT connectors. 

The 1-by-3 circular MT connector housings utilize three MT ferrules in a nickel-plated, metal-connector shell. Fiber counts range from 36 fibers, up to 72 fibers by using either 12 or 24 fiber MT ferrules.  The1-by-3 circular MT connector housing uses a stainless steel, locking mechanism to provide a robust connection.

The circular MT and 1-by-3 circular MT products ensure improved alignment benefits, increased pull-strength and the use of new round, ribbon-cable constructions. Circular MT connectors will be sold only as terminated cable assemblies.

Circular MT cable assemblies complement Molex's existing line of MT products. For more information on Molex's extensive optical product offering, please visit:

Features and Benefits
MT ferrules are recessed in the connector and receptacle housings Ensures scoop-proof mating which prevents damage to alignment pins and ferrule endface
Aluminum connector and receptacle housings Provides a robust interconnect with exceptional pull strength
O-ring and Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Gasket Provides environmental seals that isolate dust,moisture and EMI
Designed for round, multi-fiber jackets Provides improved fiber management
Standard MT ferrules Provides an industry standard interface with high-density and reliable performance
0.75" diameter receptacle Small footprint and similar size to industry standard MTP connector


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