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LEONI Special Cables GmbH

LEONI Telecommunication Systems, located in Germany, has 30+ years of experience in design, manufacture, and testing of cable and cable-system. The company caters to mobile radio, digital messaging technology and Enterprise Data Solutions markets.

The company has automated tools for cable design, and assembly.

The products and solutions offered by the company may broadly be categorized as below:

A. Wireless Networks: LEONI offers comprehensive range of FlexLine® product family of cables, connectors and accessories for in-building or rooftop installations as below:

 - FlexLine® - Connection technology for wireless communication systems

 - FlexLine® Coaxial Cables

 - FlexLine® Balanced Pair, Fiber Optic and Hybrid Cables

B. Core Networks: The company offers the following range of products in this technology area.

 - Radio frequency cables 120 and 150 Ohm (xDSL)

 - Switchboard cables for telecommunications 120 Ohm (E1/E3)

 - Flexible cables

 - Strands and wires

C. Enterprise Data Solutions: High Speed Cables address the specific requirements for high speed point-to-point data transfer. Cable Types available are listed below:

 - ParaLink® – Introducing our precision parallel pair cables

 - ParaLink® bulk cables (3 to 10 GHz)

 - PhaseLink® – miniature coaxial cables

 - TwipLink® – twisted pair cables

 - VemtoLink® – expanded TFE tape-wrapped cables

    Cable Assemblies include CX4, SFP+, QSFP, CXP


Certifications: Quality management system is DIN ISO 9001:2000 or DIN EN 9100:2003 certified.

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LEONI Special Cables GmbH

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