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Antonics-ICP GmbH

The ANTONICS-ICP GmbH is located in Berlin, Germany, and is a manufacturer of innovative planar antenna technology. The product portfolio includes various types of antennas, especially Planar Antennas for mobile system solutions as well as stationary mobile radio technology. It develops antenna solutions for applications such as: Mobile Systems: Facility-Stationary-Distributing-Antennas and Main - Base Stations.Its antenna products are known under the manufacturers brand name OmniPlanar, DirectPlanar and SectorPlanar. 

Antonics offers the following Product Categories:

  • Vehicle Antennas
  • M2M Machinery Antennas
  • Infrastructure Antennas
  • Automotive Antennas
  • Embedded Antennas
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Camouflage Antennas

  ANTONICS-ICP as antenna manufacturer has a range of RF cables and connectors  that caters to the requirements of custom assemblies.Its facility has special cutter, assembly apparatus for all connecters, inspection during the production, measurement instrument up to 8 GHz and controlling by 100% for all assembled RF cables. The Coax Cable Assembly Department specializes in developing and producing finished coax cables.   

Antonics offers the following Connectors   FAKRA/ SMA/ SMB/ FME/ MCX/ MMCX/ IPEX/ MURATA/ N/ TNC/ BNC/ UHF  

Antonics offers the following Cables   H155/ RG196/ RG59/ RG213/ RG223/ RG58/ RG178/ UFL/ SUCOFORM 86/ MULTIFLEX 86/ ECOFLEX 10/ AIRCOM LOW LOSS  

The Production is situated at  Caritas-Werkstatt ST Johannesberg  

For their distribution network please visit their website.

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Antonics-ICP GmbH

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