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Cmpter Electronics Co., Limited


Cmpter Electronics is specialized in designs and manufacture:

  • RF Coaxial Connectors
  1. SMA connectors
  2. N connectors
  3. BNC connectors
  4. MMCX connectors
  5. MCX connectors
  • Precision connector
  1.  1.0mm connector
  2. 1.85mm connector
  3. 2.4mm connector
  4.  2.4mm connector
  5.  3.5mm connector
  6. SMA connector
  7. N-type connector
  •  RF Adapters 
  • Cable Assembly  

These products are use for applications in the datacom/telecom, automotive, instrumentation aerospace and defense markets. 


Enhance Your Business with An Expert

In RF coaxial area, customers always need high quality and best cost product, Cmpter focus on this more than 10years and have a professional RD team on new solutions. Competitive solutions, comprehensive technical support and understanding of your requirements, all of this make Cmpter is your first choice.

  • 1000+ product which nearly meet customer needs.
  • Most type product we have parts in stock, that's why we can ship them quick
  • Over 10years experience on new solutions at RF industry
  • Short samples lead time

To Be Your Reliable Manufacturer

Cmpter design & manufacturer and test product at ourself work shop. Our lab include many type equipments for insure the performance, this will increase product reliability and help customer win the market.

  • Test Report submit to you before the shipment
  • Test lab to control from materials to final product, all meet RoHS & REACH
  • Trained workers take care your product at every procedure for to control the quality

Winning the Market with Cmpter Support

In the part 10years, Cmpter already establish a sophisticated supply chain to offer a whole product line, now you can focus on winning in the market with Cmpter

  • Quotation and Specs within 4 hours
  • Customer design usually within 24hours
  • Professional team work for your success

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