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Sirti S.p.A.

stablished in 1978, Sirti is a leading player in the design, development, and implementation of technological infrastructures for telecommunications, energy, and transportation sectors. They offer a range of wireless solutions, including:
Radio Frequency (RF) engineering services
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) design and deployment
In-building wireless coverage solutions
Small cell network planning and implementation

While Sirti doesn't manufacture wireless equipment itself, they specialize in designing, developing, and implementing technological infrastructures for various sectors, including wireless communication. Here's a breakdown of their products and services related to wireless technology:
RF Engineering Services: Sirti offers expertise in radio frequency (RF) engineering. This includes tasks like:
Site surveys and signal propagation analysis
Frequency planning and interference mitigation
Link budget calculations and system design
Optimization of existing wireless networks
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Design and Deployment:  They design and deploy DAS solutions to enhance in-building wireless coverage for cellular networks, public safety systems, and other applications.
In-building Wireless Coverage Solutions: Sirti offers services to improve wireless coverage inside buildings, such as offices, shopping malls, and hospitals. This might involve:
Installation of small cells and other distributed antenna systems
Signal leakage mitigation strategies
In-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) planning and design
Small Cell Network Planning and Implementation:  Sirti can assist with planning, deploying, and managing small cell networks. These networks consist of low-power, short-range cellular base stations that expand coverage and capacity, especially in dense urban environments.
Products (Indirect):
While Sirti doesn't directly manufacture equipment, they collaborate with various wireless equipment manufacturers to implement their solutions. This means they can source and integrate the necessary equipment like:
Small cells
Cables and connectors
Radio Frequency (RF) components
Overall, Sirti acts as a system integrator for wireless solutions. They leverage their expertise and partnerships with equipment manufacturers to design, deploy, and manage wireless infrastructure for various applications.

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Sirti S.p.A.

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