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Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions

 Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions is a global manufacturer of a broad line of connectivity products and services supporting wireline and wireless communications, data networking, test and measurement, military, medical, broadcast and industrial applications. Connectivity Solutions delivers custom-engineered products and solutions with best-in-class service and support and customer-focused offers such as quick-turn prototyping, samples and supply chain management.

RF & MW Interconnect

Johnson Product Line offers RF Connectors - Subminiature, microminiature, miniature and standard connectors, and custom assemblies, including SMA, SMB, 40 GHz-capable SMK, MCX, MMCX, BNC and N Connectors. They undertake custom designs and modifications of standard products.

Microwave Components

Midwest Microwave Product line offers - High Performance components including Attenuators, Terminations, Couplers, DC Blocks, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Adapters and High Performance Low Loss RF cable Assemblies. Offers QPL qualified products. Standard components held in stock.

CATV Components

Viewsonics Product line offers - Residential and multi-unit amplifiers, security terminators, and drop splitters and passives. Headend signal management products and fiber optic connectivity for headend and optical node applications and return path test equipment.

RF & MW Cable & Assemblies

Offers custom solutions for the Telecom, Data and Broadband markets. Expert in 50 position Telco cables, coax assemblies and analog filter products. Quick delivery capabilities. Custom solutions for Multiconductor, Flat Ribbon, Wire Harness, Coaxial, D-sub, SCSI and discrete assemblies. Design support, moulding, polarizing, custom shielding and testing capabilities.

Hardware & Other

Commercial-grade connectors, including F Connectors, BNC and TNC. Structured cabling components, including CAT 5E/6 assemblies, patch panels, wallplates and tools for data communication installations, USB cables, D-sub connectors, adapters and hardware.

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