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MegaPhase, LLC.

Megaphase, LLC., based in Stroudsburg, PA, USA is engaged in the manufacture and supply of cable assemblies, Connectors, and adapters.

The products and solutions offered by the Company include the following:

Test cables

  •     VNA test cables
  •     TM series MegaRed(TM) bench test cables
  •     SiteLine(TM) field and production test cables
  •     SF series temp test cables
  •     CM series chipset test cables

System cables

  •     GrooveTube® phase-defined cables
  •     GrooveTube® high power cables
  •     ClearPath™ jumpers
  •     NextPhase™ low loss cables
  •     Tower series feeder cables
  •     Semi-rigid and delay lines
  •     Micro miniature hi-speed jumpers
  •     Ferrite EMI shielding

Connectors, Adapters, and others:

  •     Factory form right angles
  •     Frequency, torque & grades specs
  •     Custom design

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MegaPhase, LLC.

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 Semi Rigid 0.034in to 0.250in
 ZMA Series Connectors
 ZN™ Series Connectors
 MegaPhase® Factory Form Right Angle





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