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Custom RF Cable Assembly Drawing Generator

The tool allows you to design a coaxial cable with connectors. The following options are available:
1. Design a coaxial cable to suit your requiments.
2. Save the cable assembly drawing in pdf form on your local computer or get it by email as an attachment.
3. Request a quotation from approved vendors. (Please note that doesnot manufacture any cables or cable assemblies.)
Note: Only connector/cable types shown in the drop down boxes are offered at this time. Please email us at for any queries.

Work Area
*Select First Connector:

*Length of the cable: cm inches          Nominal return loss: dB
Frequency: From: GHz and To: GHz
Write Note: characters left
Note:1     * means required
Note:2      D means that, the images are default images for those connectors (Exact images are not available right now)

How to use the tool:

Step 1:

1. Select the first connector. Please choose subsequent options as prompted.

2. Select the Cable. Please choose the subsequent options as prompted.

3. Select the second connector. Please choose the subsequent options as prompted.

If you need to change any of the previous options, you can do so. But you may be prompted to fill subsequent options as required.

Step 2:

If you just want to save the drawing, choose "Save AS PDF". The drawing will be stored on your local hard disk in the default download directory.

If you want the drawing to be emailed, you will be prompted to login. The drawing will be emailed as a PDF to your registered email ID.

If you want a quotation, a copy of the drawing in pdf form will be automatically emailed to your registered email address.

Please note that the tool is provided free of cost. Any suggestions for improvement may be sent to

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