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AtlanTecRF is headquartered in Essex, England. It is a manufacturer of wide range of RF & Microwave Equipment and Components which caters to Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Satellite communications, Aerospace, Defence, Wireless, radio links, scientific research applications.

AtlanTecRF product line consists of:  

  • Satcom equipment
  • Noise Generators
  • Custom equipment
  • Oscillators
  • Active components
  • Passive components
  • Control components
  • Cables, Connectors & Cable Assemblies
  • Custom components
  • Waveguide products
  • Standard product options

  AtlanTecRF offers Cables, Connectors & Cable (standard and custom) Assemblies

  Coaxial cable with 3 db Frequency range 1 to 12 GHz and .034, .047, .141 and .250 ins O/D  

Coaxial cable assemblies (ASF series) which are Reformable copper/Tin composite; Reformable Aluminium ASR series; and flexible AFX series.  

It also offers Connectors and Adaptors and Custom Cable Assemblies.  

RF Components

AtlanTecRF offers products from attenuators and amplifiers through connectors, couplers, isolators, mixers and power dividers to VCOs and zero bias Schottky detectors. It also offers phase locked oscillators, PC programmable sources,  frequency converters, multi-function modules.  


The AtlanTecRF brand provide custom engineered solutions to fulfil your system requirements such as satellite communications equipment, radar test set, and radio astronomy receiver. Options such as 19" rack chassis, bench mount instrument, modular form or custom enclosure are also available.  

AtlanTecRF is an ISO-9001:2008 certified company. Its products are distributed worldwide. Please visit their website for more information.

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