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DESA Australia Private Limited

Founded in 1989, DESA Australia Private Limited is headquartered in Victoria, Australia. It provides service of installing communications and electrical cabling systems to all sectors of Business, Government and the Defence, including cable assembly services.

Services offered by Desa are:

  • Electrical Installations
  • EcoSmart
  • Infrared Thermo Scanning
  • Data / Voice Communications
  • National Roll Outs
  • Data Centre Build
  • Telephone / PABX / VoIP
  • Security
  • Cable Assembly
  • IT Solutions
  • Wireless
  • Audio Visual
  • Design Services
  • Testing & Auditing
  DESA Australia delivers Data, Voice and Electrical Services.It provides Electrical, Data Cabling, Voice Solutions, IT Solutions, Audio Visual, Wireless Networks, Security Surveillance, Cable Assembly, Design, Testing and maintenance services.  
  • Testing & Auditing
Cabling system audits and network infrastucture analysis  
  •  Telephone & PABX
Upgrades, maintenance, moves, add and changes of PABX and key systems  
  •  Network Installation
Integration of LAN, WAN and wireless networks  
  •  Electrical Services
Qualified electricians specialising in IT power requitments  
  •  Design Service
Integration of LAN, WAN and wireless networks  
  •  Data Cabling
Installation and certification of fibre optic and copper structured cabling system    
  • Security Cabling
Protecting physical assets  
  • Cable Assembly
Supply and custom manufacturing of patch leads, equipment cables, harnesses and assemlies

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