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Chung Yi ERE Enterprise Company Limited


Founded in 1980, Chung Yi ERE Enterprise Company Limited is located in Dongguan, China. It is a manufacturer and supplier of cables, modular jacks, wire harnesses and adapted accessories to the telecom and electronic industries. It supplies direct to OEMs and their partner Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEMs).

Chung Yi Enterprise Corp has subsidiaries in Hongkong and China such as Chung Yi Enterprise (H.K.) Co. Ltd. , Chung Yi ERE Enterprise (Dongguan, China) Co. Ltd. and Shanghai ERE International Trading Co. Ltd. respectively.

Chung Yi's products include: Wire Harnesses, Connectors, Modular Jack, PCB Jack, Telephone Cord, Cables & various types of wire processing assembly.   It also offers engineering services such as design and development, tooling, injection molding, wire processing, quality testing and logistics.   Chung Yi offers the following product categories: CABLE

  •  Lvds
  •  HDMI series
  •  DVI series
  •  USB Cable
  •  Network Line
  •  Telephone Line
  •  Cable Assembly


  •  PCB Jack
  • Junction Box
  • Telephone Socket

Wire Harness

  • Flat Cable
  • Connector

  Chung Yi has a total area of 20,000 sq. m. facility comprising of R&D, Tooling, Wire Processing, Plastic Injection and Engineering Departments, and Testing Laboratory.  

  • Hong Kong Office

Chung Yi Enterprise (H. K.) Co., Ltd. Address: B1, 9/F., Block B, Tonic Ind. Centre,19 Lam Hing St., Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Phone: 852–2345 6105 Fax: 852–2341 0935 Email:  

  • Taiwan Office

Chung Yi Enterprise Corp. Address: 6F-10 & 11, No. 5 Wu Chuan 1st Rd., Shin Chuang City, Taipei, Taiwan Phone: 886-2-22993045/ 7 Fax: 886-2-22993421 Email:  

  • Shanghai Office

Shanghai ERE International Trading Co., Ltd. Address: Rm.6A, No. 2 Lane 600, Peakway Tower, Tian Shan Rd., Shanghai, China. Phone: 86–21–6228 6611 Fax: 86–21–6229 1199 Email:   Chung Yi  is an ISO 14001 & UL certified company.

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