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LS Cable RF Total Solution (LSRTS)

LS Cable RF Total Solution (LSRTS) was formed in 2003 after it spun off from LG Group. It is headquartered in Korea. LS cable is a supplier and manufacturer of wire and cable catering to the wireless communication industry. Its main operations consists of providing RF Total solution for the wireless communication in the form of:

  • RF Feeder Cable
  • In-building RF system
  • BTS System
  • Repeater system
  • Microwave Transmission system

Its product portfolio consists of 

  • Transmission Line Products
  • Combiner, Filter, Coupler
  • TMAs
  • Antenna
  • Repeater
  • System Components
  LS Cable offers the following products under the Transmission Line products category:  
  • RF Cable
LS foam dielectric feeder cable series, low loss, flexible, super flexible, radiation and aluminium tyes.
  • Connectors
7/16 DIN and N type for low VSWR, PIMD and DTF for wireless application
  • Jumpers
LS jumper cable
  • Accessories
Includes tools for cabling assembly.

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