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Draka Holding N.V.

Draka Holding N.V. was founded in 1910, and is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It specializes in automotive cable, fiber optic cable and communication cable catering to communications, energy and infrastructure, industrial, automotive and aviation markets.Draka Communications offers optical fiber, fiber and copper cables and communication infrastructure solutions. 

Draka communications specializes in optical fiber technology, and cabling solutions (telecommunications and data communications) for broadband and mobile network infrastructures. 

Draka Communications serves the markets for telecommunication and data communicationsthrough its divisions:   

  1. Draka Cable Solutions, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa);
  3. Draka Cable Solutions, Americas;
  5. Draka Cable Solutions, Asia/Pacific;
  7. Mobile Networks
  9. Draka Optical Fiber

  Draka offers a wide range of optical fibers that are designed, developed, manufactured and tested. It offers:  

  • Single-mode fibers
  • Multimode fibers
  • Specialty fibers - DrakaElite

  Draka’s uses technology, manufacturing process – PCVD (Plasma-activated Chemical Vapor Deposition) – and R&D centers to offer:   Single-mode fibers:

  • G.652 Series: The most commonly used single-mode fibers
  • G.654 Series: Ultra long reach and submarine single-mode fibers
  • G.655 / G.656 Series: Long distance and metropolitan non-zero dispersion shifted fibers
  • G.657 Series: Bend-Insensitive single-mode fibers

  Multimode fibers:

  • Bend-Insensitive MaxCap OMx
  • MaxCap OM2+ / OM3 / OM4
  • Multimode OM1 / OM2

  Specialty fibers:

  • 500 µm coated fibers
  • Erbium Doped fibers
  • High temperature resistant fibers
  • RadHard fibers

  Mobile networks   Draka's feeder cables have been developed to transmit signal power between a base station and an antenna for mobile telecommunication applications, such as, GSM, WCDMA (UMTS), TDMA, D-AMPS, PCN, CDMA and TETRA, WiMax and broadcasting.    Draka Cable Solutions, EMEA offers fiber optic cables which are suitable for telecom, data com and broadband access networks(DrakaXSNet).   Draka Cable Solutions, Americas offers outdoor, indoor and specialty fiber cabling that allows network operators, installers and enterprises to deploy fiber infrastructure catering to  

  • Telecommunications carriers
  • CATV and video operators
  • Utilities
  • Enterprises
  • Government agencies (federal, state, and local)

  Postal address: PostBox 75979 1070 AZ  Amsterdam

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Draka Holding N.V.

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