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Admiral Microwaves Limited

Founded in 1992, Admiral Microwaves Limited, is located in Ruislip, Middlesex, United Kingdom. It is a manufacturer, sales representative and distributor of a wide range of RF and Microwave component and subsystem. It specializes in Amplifiers, Attenuators, Mixers, Switches, Semiconductors, Waveguide components, Millimeter wave and Passive RF & Microwave Components. 

Admiral Microwaves is an operating division of the Aspen Electronics group (http://www.aspen-electronics.com/). It serves the following market segments:

  • Satcom
  • Wireless
  • Space
  • Defence Medical
  • Telecoms
  • Automotive
  • Avionics Broadcast
  • Research
  • Interconnects
  • ISM
  Admiral Microwaves manufactures a range of coaxial connectors, adaptors and cables assemblies which are listed below:  
  • Adaptors: In-series and between series
  • Connectors: BNC, TNC, N, SMA/SMB/SMC, 7/16 Din
  • Cable Assemblies: Admiral manufactures cable assemblies from DC-65 GHz for Telecom, satellite, instrumentation, military, test and measurement,commercial applications. Starting with BNC, TNC & N-type, plus miniature connectors such as SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX etc, also high frequency connectors like 3.5mm, 2.95mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm and special applications connectors such as 7-16 DIN, HN, SC and LT, high power broadcast connectors such as 7/8 EIA, 1-5/8 EIA, 3-1/8 EIA right up to 6-1/8 EIA.

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