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Eternal Nice Private Limited

Eternal Nice Private Limited is headquartered in Singapore, and has over 17 years experience in dealing with a wide range of products, such as CATV, CCTV, Satellite TV accessories, Galvanized steel, Stainless Steel's products & etc; It exports its products to Japan and other overseas countries. It has branch offices in China, Hong Kong and Japan.

Eternal Nice offers the following products:

  • Cable
  • Connector
  • Steel Pole Line
  • Surge Protector
  • Filter and attenuator
  • Splitter and tap
  • Chemical
  It offers a wide range of connector and cable products such as, L-Type connector, D-FT-D connector. FA-JJ connector etc.In the cable range it offers cable like HDMI, SC/SC Duplex patch cords, CAT5e, RG59/U cable, HPCN14Px2 cable, FTC-2 Telephone wire etc. Please visit their website for a complete listing of their products.

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