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Arthur-Yang Industrial Company Limited

Founded in 1984, Arthur-Yang started as an OEM manufacturer in Taiwan. It specializes in manufacturing RF connectors and Cable Assemblies for applications such as RF Antenna, Mobile communication, Broadband, WLAN, Communication Satellite Stations and Defense Industry.

For the applications mentioned above, Arthur-Yang offers the following categories of RF connector and cable assembly products:  

  • Cable Assembly 
  • 1.6 /5.6 
  • 7/16 
  • Adaptor - Kit 
  • Adaptor 
  • BNC 
  • FME (Antenna) 
  • MCX 
  • MMCX 
  • Mini - UHF 
  • R/P Adaptor 
  • R/P BNC 
  • R/P N 
  • R/P SMA 
  • R/P TNC 
  • SMA 
  • SMB 
  • SMC 
  • SSMB 
  • STP 
  • TNC 
  • UHF 

  Contact Person

Mr. Clement Yang / Ms. Jennifer Chang  

Arthur-Yang has markets in Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe and is an an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. It has 1500 sq. m of factory facility.  

For more information about their products please visit their website.

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