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 MULTIFLEX microwave cables
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Flexible Cable Assembly

Important parameters: Cable type: RG-178, RG-316, mini 1.13 Connectors on the board: MMCX, MCX, MHF, U.FL and more Connectors for antenna connection: SMA, SMB, TNC, BNC and so on High efficiency, low loss Operating temperature: -20 ...

MULTIFLEX microwave cables

MULTIFLEX_86 is a flexible microwave cable and can be used up to 40GHz. The conductor is a silver plated copper, and outer conductor is also silver plated copper wrapped foil with 100% coverage. PTFE dielectric is used. For detailed specifications, please visit the vendor website at the URL pr...

Multi Core Flexible Cables With Copper

"Relicab" Multicore Round Flexible Cable (6 Cores to 30 Cores) GENERALLY AS PER IS: 694:1990 AND ALSO AS PER BRITISH STANDARDS ...


RF Cable Assembly FME straight bulkhead plug to stripped end OR tinned centre conductor and copper wire soldered to braid/shield allows solder to PCB Length: 50mm upwards Standard lengths: 100, 150 and 200mm MOQ: 500 Cable Diameter: 1.32mm ø singl...


RF Cable Assembly FME Straight jack (Female) to SMA straight Bulkhead Jack (Female with threaded nut) Length: 50mm upwards Standard lengths: 100, 150 and 200mm MOQ: 500 Cable Diameter: RG174 black cable Working Frequency Range: DC to 3GHz ...


RF Cable Assembly Hirose UFL to FME straight Bulkhead Plug (Male with threaded nut) Hirose Part Number: U.FL-LP-068 Length: 50-400mm Standard lengths: 100, 150 and 200mm MOQ: 500 Cable Diameter: 1.13mm ø grey cable Working Frequenc...

1/2F NM-NF

Description: Cable accesories Type: ...

High Performance Cables

Electronic Warfare Cobham manufactures cable assemblies for EW applications conforming to military specifications MIL-T-81490 and MIL-DTL-87104. It also manufactures flexible coaxial cables for mast applications. Space Cobham manufactures phase matched and ...

Commercial Aviation Cable Assemblies

Bulk OEM Cable Cobham manufactures lightweight OEM cable for aviation industry, e.g., MIL-DTL-17 RG cable. These cables are certified by the FAA and meet the MIL specs.  High Performance Lightweight Cable Assemblies Cobham manufactures these cables for...

Special Purpose Products

EMI Hardened, EMP shielded cable assemblies Lightweight, low loss Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) hardened High Technology Shielding (HTS) coaxial cables are high performance EW-grade assemblies with EMI shielding protection above 30 MHz. These cables assemblies complying with ...

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