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ATX Networks Corporation

ATX Networks Corporation is located in Ontario, Canada. It designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products for the cable television markets. These includes cable and connectors like BNC, F and MCX, pads, equalizers and fuses for indoor and outdoor plants.

It offers MAXNET connectors and terminators, Minicable Connectors; MCX, Mini F and Mini BNC compression connectors.     ATX Networks offers the following range of products:   Headend/Inside Plant

  • RF, L-Band & Optical Signal Management
  • L-Band LNB Redundant Powering
  • UCrypt Bulk QAM to QAM / IP / Analog & IP to QAM / IP
  • Multichannel Encoding & Transmission
  • RF & L-Band Routing/Switching
  • RF Filters
  • Connectors, Pads/EQs, Fuses/Breakers, etc.

  Outside Plant

  • Nodes: Segmentation Solutions & Upgrade Modules
  • RF Amplifier Upgrade Modules
  • RF Filters
  • FiberLinx Optical Connectivity Products
  • Subscriber Drop Amplifiers
  • Subscriber Drop Passives
  • Digital Voice (VoIP) Switches
  • Power Converters
  • Pads/EQs, Fuses/Breakers, Accessories
  • Subscriber A/B Switches

and other products catering to:  

  • MDU Solutions
  • Subscriber Products
  • Test & Status Monitor/Control
  • Campus / Education / Institutions

  ATX Networks Inc. has an office in USA:   ATX Networks Inc. 4483 SE Commerce Avenue Stuart, FL 34997 USA   Tel:     (561) 747-4998 Toll Free Tel:     (800) 327-9767 (USA & Canada only) Fax:    (905) 427-1964 Toll Free Fax:    (866) 427-1964 (USA & Canada only) E-mail:

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ATX Networks Corporation

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