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Cobra Electronics Limited

Founded in 1990, Cobra Electronics was initially involved in the supply of cables, connectors and related accessories to various communication markets. It quickly became evident that a wider range of customers were in need of a more complete service. Cobra now supplies not just cable components, but also complete custom assemblies to some of the biggest players in the electronics industries.

Based in Hampshire, UK, Coaxial cable, connector and custom assembly specialist Cobra Electronics has just launched its new, fourth-generation website, designed to help the firm in its goal to deliver exactly what the customer needs, when they need it. Managing Director Rob Large believes that: “the key to Cobra's success is our attention to detail and our commitment to providing a personal service. Sincerity can be a hard thing to find in today’s world of business and is often pushed aside in the interests of profit.” “To supply a product and take the money is easy. But to be pro-active, to try and understand what the customer requires and to deliver it all in a ‘I need this yesterday’ market is another thing entirely.” “With the launch of our fourth generation website, we hope that we can continue to do just that!” Cobra’s new website features hundreds of products from the company’s extensive catalogue, from coaxial cable, connectors and adaptors, through to tools and accessories, and even ready-made cable assemblies. Each product is presented with all the pertinent details, plus pricing at various break points. The secure payment facilities mean that orders can be processed quickly, and despatched to destinations around the world. The Cobra Electronics website can be found at:

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Cobra Electronics Limited

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