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AVP Manufacturing & Supply Incorporation

Founded in 1985, AVP Manufacturing & Supply Incorporation, is located in Ontario, Canada. It is a manufacturer of commercial broadcast, telecom, and satellite equipment, including the design and manufacturing of audio, video, and digital jackfields, connectors, wire and cable assemblies. 

AVP markets and sells its products through world-wide distribution, systems groups,  and OEM channels, to commercial broadcast, telecom, and satellite end-users. AVP is represented in the Americas, Europe, Israel, Africa, India, China, SE Asia, and Australia.

Major Products offered by AVP are:
  • Circuit Identification System (CIS)
  • Rapid Punch (RPT) Jackfields and Wall Blocks
  • Morph System Audio Jackfields
  • SuperHD+ Ultimate Serial Digital Video Jackfields
  • RS422/Datapatch Jackfields
  • EDAC Connectorized Jackfields
  • Patchcords and Cable Assemblies
  • Custom Telecom and Satellite Panels
  AVP holds the following Patents
  • US Patent: 5,730,618; Rapid Punch Terminal (RPT) System 
  • US Patent: 6,540,562; Morph Module Audio System 
  • US Patent: 6,280,238; Full-Face Jackfield Designation Plate

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