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1.What is this site about?
Rf is aimed at providing visitors with resources in the area of rf, wireless, and optical technologies. More specifically, information about companies offering the products related to these technologies, articles, and relevant products. We are also offering several tools such as VSWR calculators, cable assembly designer, etc. The registration is fast and simple. Registered members will be able to add companies/products/articles.
2.How do I register for my free membership?
Please use the link below to register. The registration is simple and free. New to Register here for free!
3.Do I need to pay for promoting my company or product?
No, there is no payment for submitting companies, articles, or products.
4.How do I submit my company/product/article?
Please register, and log-in to your account. You will be presented with a user control panel, through which you will be able to promote your company/product/article.
5.How do I edit my company/product/article?
You can edit/delete your submissions using User Control Panel.
6.I have problem submitting/updating information. Whom to contact?
Submit your queries and problems here!
7.I want my listing to be featured. What should I do?
Please email us here!
8.Can I register a website that is unrelated to website?
We accept only sites that are related to the subject. If you are not sure about relevance of your website to, please email us here!
9.I want some material to be removed from the database. What should I do?
If the content is submitted by you, you can do so using member control panel. If it is not, then please email us here!
10.My website is already present. How do I claim my site?
You can register, and send us an email about the site that you want to claim. You need to be an official representative of the company to claim the site. All the products/articles associated with the site will also be transferred to your account.