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Founded more than 65 years ago, Olex is an Australian manufacturer of electrical cables headquartered in Tottenham, Victoria. It is a manufacturer of a wide range of cable products including power cable, general purpose  fixed and flexible cables as well as special purpose cables servicing the Australian and Asia Pacific energy, construction and industrial markets.

It caters to Automation, Defense and Aerospace, Marine, Oil and gas, Data/communications, Transmission and distribution, rail, renewable energy, building and construction, material handling etc.

Olex also provides specialist technical services, cable design and other value added services gained from their experience in the cable industry.

Olex offers the following categories of cables:
  • Low Voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Extra High Voltage
  • Industrial
  • Data/Communications
  • Mining
  • Specialist Applications
  Olex offers the following services:
  • Project Services
  • Cable Solutions
  • Extra High Voltage cable
  • Manufacturing Locations:
  Tottenham 207 Sunshine Rd, Tottenham, Vic, 3012 Lilydale 55 Main Street, Lilydale, Vic, 3140   The main manufacturing and product development centre is at Tottenham in Victoria, Australia. This is also the Olex Holdings Corporate head office. In total, there are three Olex manufacturing facilities – Tottenham, Lilydale (Victoria) and New Plymouth (NZ),    Olex is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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