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Aeroflex Nanjing

Aeroflex Nanjing operations in China is a part of Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions of Aeroflex Incorporation ( 

It caters to:   

1. Product development and manufacturing for the North American and European customers  

2. Product manufacturing for domestic China-based OEMs  

3. Provide low-cost manufacturing of Aeroflex-produced designs for worldwide customers.  

Aeroflex Nanjing supplies high power cable terminations, SMA terminations, splitters, dividers, couplers, attenuators, isolators/circulators and adapters.   Aeroflex Nanjing offers the folllowing range of products:  

  • Cable Load Assemblies

Aeroflex Nanjing's Cable Load Assemblies feature semi-flexible cables in 0.080 and 0.141 inch diameters, either Beryllium Oxide (BO) or Aluminum Nitride (AIN) resistive elements, and CW power levels from 50 to 250 W, with an operating temperature range of -55o to +100oC.  

  • CW power levels range from 50 to 250 watts

Can be factory tuned for a VSWR as low as 1.04:1 (Typical) IP3>40 dBm @ 8 GHz Typical operating range -55oC to +100oC  

  • Dual-junction drop-in Isolators

Designs covering a variety of frequency bands featuring low insertion loss, excellent isolation and low reverse passive intermodulation.  

  • Single-junction drop-in Isolators

Single-Junction drop-in Isolators feature guaranteed specifications and low cost for high-volume applications.   

Aeroflex Nanjing is an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.

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Aeroflex Nanjing

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