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Elettronica Veneta S.p.A.

Ellettronica Veneta SpA (ELVE): Founded in 1972, ELVE is a company recognized for its expertise in radiofrequency and microwave technologies. They design, manufacture, and market radiofrequency and microwave equipment for various applications, including:
Professional radio systems for mission-critical communication (police, fire departments, etc.)
Broadcast radio and television equipment
Industrial radio systems for data transmission and control
Defense and security communication systems

Ellettronica Veneta SpA (ELVE) specializes in radiofrequency and microwave technologies, offering a variety of products and services for various applications. Here's a breakdown:
Professional Radio Systems: ELVE designs and manufactures radio systems for mission-critical communication, ensuring reliable and secure data transmission. They cater to:
Police and security forces
Fire departments and emergency services
Civil protection agencies
Broadcast Radio and Television Equipment: ELVE offers equipment for broadcast applications, including:
Radio and television transmitters
Microwave links for signal transmission
Industrial Radio Systems:  They provide radio systems for industrial settings, enabling:
Data transmission between machines and control centers
Remote monitoring and control of industrial processes
Defense and Security Communication Systems: ELVE contributes to secure communication solutions for: Military forces and Government agencies
Design and Development: ELVE's expertise lies in designing and developing custom radiofrequency and microwave equipment based on specific customer requirements.
Customization and Integration: They can customize existing equipment or integrate various components to create a tailored solution for your needs.
Technical Support: ELVE offers after-sales support, including installation, maintenance, and repair services for their equipment.
Overall, ELVE acts as a manufacturer and solution provider for radiofrequency and microwave communication systems. They cater to various sectors with a focus on reliable, secure, and customized communication solutions.

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Elettronica Veneta S.p.A.

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