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Ray Service, a.s.

Founded in 1994,Ray Service, a.s. is a Czech manufacturing and sales company providing solutions in the area of cable assemblies, electromechanical assemblies, electronic equipment and cable component delivery for a wide range of customers.It serves military, aviation and industrial technology market.  In the civilian sector it focuses on railway equipment, machine tools and a number of other types of machinery from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Ray Service is a distributor to cable component manufacturers such as Tyco Electronics and ITT Cannon.  

Ray Service offers the following Products and services:
  • Cable Assembly Manufacturing
  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Cable Assembly Design
  • Spare parts
  • Services: testing and repair
Industries served
  • Military
  • Aviation
  • Auto racing
  • Transport
  • Mining
  • Medicine
  • Special equipment
  Technical facilities for Cable Assembly Manufacturing  
  • cutting and wire stripping machines
  • conductor and cable printing and labelling facilities
  • hand and machine crimping equipment
  • tools to produce a wide range of connectors
  • equipment to handle a wide range of heat-shrink materials
  • cable assembly testers up to 1500 Vdc
  • crimped connection testers
  capabilities and qualifications for cable assembly design  
  • design concept and verification
  • product specification
  • component and supplier selection
  • component substitution
  • CAD drawings
  • hardware design
  • software design
  • prototypes
  • packaging
  • testing
  • assistance during approval processes
  • cost reduction
  • reverse engineering
Complete cable assembly design
  • prototype documentation
  • prototype production
  • choosing the proper tools
  • verification of cabling shape and functionality (during in-situ installation)
  • structural modifications
  • final technical preparations for commencement of mass production 
Complete technical documentation  
  • assembly drawing
  • connection table
  • connection schematic
  • materials list
  • list of standardized technical procedures used during design
Ray Service is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and have received certifications from Military and Aviation industry.

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Ray Service, a.s.

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