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 Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH
 Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
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 6-26.5 GHz 16-way Power Divider
 DC-3 GHz 8-way Power Divider
 2.4-2.5 GHz Band Pass Filter
 Noise Figure Measurements
 Cellular Phones - A Technology Review
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 MULTIFLEX microwave cables
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  Advanced Connection Technology Incorporation

Advanced Connection Technology Incorporation was founded in 1988 in Taiwan. It manufactures interconnect products and cable assemblies for host of applications like RF, video, computer, audio, power. It manufactures connectors for Mobile phone/PDA/Smart Phone/DSC/ N/B etc. and Custom Cable Ass...

  Aliner Industries Incorporated

 Aliner Industries Inc. ( is a global leader in developing and delivering RF coaxial connectors, RF cable assemblies and precision screw machine parts across the spectrum of wireless electronic applications.  An unrivalled combination of designing a...

  Arthur-Yang Industrial Company Limited

Founded in 1984, Arthur-Yang started as an OEM manufacturer in Taiwan. It specializes in manufacturing RF connectors and Cable Assemblies for applications such as RF Antenna, Mobile communication, Broadband, WLAN, Communication Satellite Stations and Defense Industry. ...

  Bo-Jiang Technology Co. Ltd / Zifor Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1992 Bo Jiang Technology Company Limited is located in Taiwan. It manufactures a wide range of RF connectors and cable assemblies for the markets in Europe and United States.  ...

  Chan Ming Electronic Company Limited

Founded about 20 years ago, Chan Ming Electronic Company Limited is located in Nantou Hsien, Taiwan. It is a manufacturer that process and assembly custom wire harness, cable assembly. Chan Ming serves OEMs for connectors, wire harnesses and other products.  ...

  Chang Hong Technology Company Limited

Chang Hong Technology Company Limited is located in Tainan City of Taiwan. It manufactures series of RF connectors, cable assemblies, antennas and WLAN products. ...

  Chen Precision Company Limited

Chen Precision Company Limited was founded in 1975 and is located in Taiwan. It manufactures RF and Microwave coaxial connectors and cable assemblies for the OEMs. ...

  Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company Limited

  Founded in 1965 Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of RF/microwave connectors and cables assemblies. Since then it has not changed its mission to provide quality RF/Microwave products for various applications. Their goal is to provide exce...

  Chinmore Industry Company Limited

Chinmore Industry Company Limited was established in 1988 in Taiwan. It is a manufacturer and assembler of accessories for cellular phones and telecommunication parts. It manufactures coaxial connector parts, antennas, antenna adapter cables, plug-in savers/chargers, portable handsfree ki...

  ChoiceRight Electronic Incorporation

Founded in 1994, ChoiceRight Electronic Inc. is a Tainan, Taiwan based OEM electronic component, cable assembly, antenna, and RF connector manufacturer and supplier.It has a state-of-the-art Production Facilities, Quality Control & Assurance,  Test & Measurement Lab...

RF Coax Cable Assembly Designer

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 MegaPhase, LLC.
 Advanced Control Components Inc
 Wellshow Technology
 Volex Group plc.
Most Viewed Articles
 6-26.5 GHz 16-way Power Divider
 DC-3 GHz 8-way Power Divider
 2.4-2.5 GHz Band Pass Filter
 Noise Figure Measurements
 Cellular Phones - A Technology Review
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 Fiber Optic Patch Cable FC-FC, Multimode, Duplex 50/125 µm
 MULTIFLEX microwave cables
 SUCOFORM™, the handformable microwave cable
 Flexible Cable Assembly
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