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Cabelte SA

Cabelte Group is located in Portugal. It is a manufacturer of electrical and telecommunication cables, automotive wiring, optical fibre cables and power cables. It caters to the following national and international markets:Energy,Telecommunications, Transport, Buildings and infrastructure, Automotive industry, Gas, Oil and petrochemicals, Electrical and electronic equipment.

Cabelte offers the following categories of products:

  • Power Cables
  • Telecommunication Cables
  • Cables for Special Purposes
  • Cables for Automotive Industry
  • Cordsets
  • Optical Fiber
  • Cable Accessories
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Services
  • Information and Communication Technologies
Telecommunication Cables   Group Cabelte offers a broad range of cables and solutions for copper and optical fibre networks.   
  • Copper Cables
  • Cables for local networks
  • Cables for regional networks
  • PCM cables
  • Cables for subscribers network 
  • Cables for structured networks
  • Optical fibre cables
  • Cables for communication networks: Long Hall, Underground, Regional and 
Access networks
  • Cables for special applications: SCADA, video surveillance, etc.
  • Cables for communications networks along electrical aerial power lines
  Services   Cabelte offers services in the areas of optical and energy networks.  installation and commissioning of optical fiber cables networks, network  maintenance, diagnosis and repair. It undertakes design, installation, supervision and commissioning of high tension networks (insulated cables) and implementation of joints and terminations of insulated cables up to 84 KV.    Engineering services offered: Onsite tests in an optical network such as, using optical reflectometers to measure the attenuation coefficient and losses in splicings, light sources and power meters to measure total attenuation of the connection,PMD measuring, and interferometry method.   Cabelte has implemented projects in the areas of: 
  • Renewable energy
  • Highways and railroads
  • Electrical power networks of medium, high and very high voltage
  • Military infrastructures
  • Buildings, bridges, etc
  • Digital networks
  • Networks for water supply (SCADA)
  • Telecommunication networks
  Cable Accessories   Cabelte provides a wide range of accessories, both standard and custom made, complementing the supply of cables for energy, telecommunication and, especially, for optical fiber cables.   Cable accessories offered are:
  • Optical fiber connector
  • Patchpanels and DFU’s (Distribution Fiber units)
  • Joint Closures for optical fiber cables
  • Telecommunication racks
  • Suspension sets and tension sets for optical fiber cables
  • Dampers for electrical power aerial lines
  • Cable joints for medium and high voltage power cables
  • Cable termination for medium and high voltage power cables
  The Group has three units namely, Cabelte, Cabelauto, Cabelte Incasa, Iberoptics and Desco.Cabelte has another unit, Cabelte Metals, which specializes in processing of the metallic raw materials used by the Group. Its service units Conexus and Win Brain serves the Information Communication Technologies.   The Group is commercially represented in Central European markets by Cabelte Nederland and, in Portuguese speaking African countries by Cabelte Angola, Lda.   Cabelte is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.

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Cabelte SA

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