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Lightweight RG Coaxial Cable

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Product Brief :

Gore's lightweight RG Coaxial Cables are designed to be a direct replacement for RG Coaxial cables. These cables are suitable for use in commercial and military aircraft and are an ideal choice for aircraft electronics retrofits because they are small, flexible, and easy to route. Gore's cables are up to 20% lighter weight and 15% smaller diameter compared to standard RG coaxial cable.

Gore's RG Coaxial Cables meet the stringent requirements of MIL-T- 81790 and EN 3475-503. The 50Ω and 75Ω cables meets and exceeds the electrical requirements of MIL-C-17G. These cables meets the environmental conditions required of standard RG Coax cables while significantly reducing the cable weight and cable size with the use of an HSTF jacket.

Typical Applications

  • Navigation
  • Communications
  • Box-to-antenna
  • In-flight Entertainment
  • Product Specification:

     Features and Benefits

  • No special connectors needed
  • Thin jacket provides weight savings up to 20% compared to standard RG coaxial cable
  • Reduced diameter results in easy routing,increased flexibility, and reduced bundle size
  • Durable and reliable with high abrasion resistance
  • Operating temperature range of -65°C up to 150°C
  • Low Loss RG Cables Also Available

    GORE® Low Loss RG Cables offer up to 49% lower attenuation or outer diameter reductions up to 47% while preserving the highest electrical integrity. As a result, these cables will transmit over longer distances, have lower density and provide higher bandwidth than their RG counterparts.

    PLEASE NOTE: Custom connectors may be required due to the small diameter of low loss cables.


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