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Fiber Optics for Aerospace and Military Applications

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Product Brief :

Gore provides high performance fiber optic cables and custom packaging for military and aerospace applications. Because of Gore's long heritage with the military and aerospace industries, Gore products better address the unique requirements of military and aerospace system designers. Gore is broadly experienced in all military and commercial optical interconnects, fiber types and coatings.

Product Specification:



  • Unmatched stable optical performance
  • Extreme temperature, shock, and vibration performance
  • Optimized Packaging

  • Engineered and optimized for your application
  • Minimized routing complexity
  • Eases fiber optic installation
  • Application Engineering support 
  • ePTFE and Fiber Optics

    Traditional fiber optic cable materials affect the well-known optical stability of a bare fiber. Gore's fiber optic Cable is differentiated from traditional cable by an expanded PTFE buffer system that effectively decouples the optical fiber from other cable elements. As a result, optical performance of a Gore cable closely approximates that of a bare optical fiber, even under mechanical or thermal stresses. This differentiating technology is common to all of Gore's fiber optic cable.


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