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Product Brief :

A high density optical version of the popular Mil-DTL-38999 Series III connector system. Uses Molex's proprietary LumaCore™ optical terminus technology to deliver dense optical connections with stable optical performance in harsh environments.

Available in all standard shell materials and plating options. MXL38999 introduces the first full range of all optical Mil-DTL-38999 connectors designed specifically for single mode APC applications. This high level of design integrity enables the connector system to deliver superior optical performance across all optical fiber applications including APC and UPC single mode and PC multi mode.

MXL38999 connectors include precision machined and plated all metallic inserts. Without plastic distortions found in other 38999 connector designs, MXL38999 can deliver stable optical performance across broad temperature ranges. The flexibility of the connector is further enhanced with a removable alignment sleeve holder. This enables mass cleaning and inspection of the LumaCore terminus as well as connector polarity options.

A unique quarter turn retention feature allows the LumaCore terminus to be installed and removed from a connector with a simple push and turn. The metallic inserts enhance EMI performance of the connector when installed into enclosures. Receptacles are available in both jam nut and flange mount configurations with geometry per the Mil-C-38999 specification. Plug connectors include an anti-vibration ratchet mechanism along with the triple start acme thread coupling ring.



  • Data acquisition
  • Sensors and transmitters


  • Avionics


  • Data communication centers


  • Base stations
  • Datacommunication networks
  • Switches
  • Wireless Base Stations

Product Specification:

Features and Benifits

Available in aluminum, stainless steel and composite constructionCan be designed into various harsh environments
Removable alignment sleeve assemblyEase of maintenance and cleaning
Suitable for multi-mode and single-mode applicationsPC, UPC and APC end face geometry capable
Precision stainless steel guide pinsEnsures accurate optical cavity true position alignment
Standard Mil-C-38999 Series III plug to receptacle sealing and accessory threadsProvides design flexibility
Product ID: MXL38999

Model :Mil-DTL-38999 Series III


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