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STD 38999

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Product Brief :

Optical 38999, 28876 and ARINC COTS Assemblies Available for Military and Aerospace Applications

Molex offers Military 38999 and 28876 style circular connector cable assemblies and ARINC 400 and 600 style avionic assemblies. With 15 years of fiber optics experience, Molex can meet the demanding requirements of the military and aerospace environments with proven capabilities from design to production.

These rugged connectors can be terminated to both single-fiber and ribbon cable. They are ideal for use in avionics; flight control equipment; mobile tactical field command platforms; EMI sensitive, security and harsh environment applications.

Molex provides these Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) optical cabling and connector components to provide cost-effective and short lead-time solutions. Array cable assemblies, EMI adapters, flexible circuitry, backplane systems and standard connectors (FC, LC, MT, MTP, SC and ST) are all available.

Product Specification:
Features and Benefits
Advanced termination processesExceptional performance in ferrule endface geometry
Custom or standard assemblies availableProvides customer options
Assemblies are factory polished, tested and serialized High performance assemblies with traceability function


  • Avionics
  • EMI sensitive applications
  • Flight control box
  • Harsh environments
  • Military Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS)
  • Mobile tactical field command platforms
  • Security applications
Product ID: STD 38999

Model :Optical 38999, 28876 and ARINC


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