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Active Fiber Optic Products

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Product Brief :

Tyco offers a broad range of fiber optics products from high speed and high density interconnects to cable assemblies and passive components.

Fiber optics related products include an array of optical connectors, back plane interconnects, rugged optics, active, standard, high-density and high-speed optical cable assemblies; along with an extensive line of opto-electronic active and passive components, fiber management systems and advanced modules for Connectivity Solutions.

Active Optical Cables www.tycoelectronics.com/catalog/feat/en/c/26866?BML=10576,17560,22645

Tyco acquired the optical products group of Zarlink Semiconductor in 2010, which consists of high speed (more than 120 Gigabytes of bandwidth) opto-electronics products for DataComm market.


Some of the products available are:

Multi-channel Laser Drivers and TIA/LA
Multi-channel TIA and Limiting Amplifiers

  • ZL62034  4 x 6.25 Gbps TIA/LA Receiver
  • ZL62089  12 x 6.25 Gbps TIA/LA Receiver


Multi-Channel Laser Drivers

  • ZL63034  4 x 6.25 Gbps Multirate VCSEL Driver
  • ZL63039  12 x 6.25 Gbps Multirate VCSEL Driver


Fiber Optic Modules and Transceivers
            12-Channel Transmitters/Receivers

  • ZL60101  12 x 2.7 Gbps Parallel Fiber Optic Link Transmitter
  • ZL60102  12 x 2.7 Gbps Parallel Fiber Optic Receiver
  • ZL60114  12 x 3.125 Gbps Parallel Fiber Optic Link Transmitter
  • ZLE60400  AMC Optical Extender Card for Serial RapidIO


QSFP Transceiver Modules

  • ZL60505  QSFP Parallel Fiber Optic Transceiver (4 + 4) x 3.125 Gbps


Active Optical Cables   Active Optical Cables

  • ZL60615   CX-4 Active Optical Cable (4 + 4) x 5 Gbps
  • ZL60620  QSFP Active Optical Cable (4 + 4) x 5 Gbps
  • ZL60625  QSFP Active Optical Cable (4 + 4) x 5 Gbps


Attenuators & Switches


Attenuators and switches are meant for attenuating, splitting, combining or switching of optical signal. These are available in different packaging options with plug-and-go convenience. It has low reflectance and low loss. Tyco also offers a ruggedized multimode switch solution with >150 Gs resistance to shock under harsh environments.

Cable Assemblies & Back plane interconnects


Tyco Electronics offers cable assemblies and back plane interconnects based on the fiber connector line of products. They are meant for mode conditioning, trunking and back plane systems.

Connectors, Adapters, Tooling & Accessories


Tyco Electronics offers single fiber, duplex connections based on the fiber connector line. Under harsh environments, it offers Ruggedized Beam Expanded products, which are field installable and multi-fiber connections.

Fiber Management & Packaged Solutions


Tyco Electronics offers a line of integrated Packaged Solutions, which consists of Fiber Management Systems, Enclosures & Customer Interface Panels, xWDM & Integrated Modules, Advanced Optical Modules, Single-Channel & Gain Flattened C-Band EDFAs. The LIGHTRAY OFX Optical Circuit System offers fiber management for complex, high-density applications. The FIBERSHAPE Products provides solution for opto-electronic device pig tailing.

Premises Wiring & Telecom Outside Plant


The AMPTRAC Connectivity Management System (from AMP NETCONNECT Business Unit of Tyco Electronics at www.ampnetconnect.com/)offers a fiber optic solution which includes the fiber cable, connectivity and closet hardware, and network management. This BU also offers a line of copper networking products, including shielded and unshielded twisted pair cabling solutions, cables, connectivity, cable assemblies, patch panels and faceplates.

The Telecom Outside Plant Business Unit (at www.telecomosp.com/)of Tyco Electronics offers the FIST, FOSC, and FibrBoss families of modular fiber management products for telecom application. It manages the design, implementation, and maintenance of the fiber optic networks, from the central office/exchange to the customer’s premises.

Product Specification:

Rugged Fiber Optic Products


Tyco Electronics offers rugged fiber optic products for e.g.


·         The 38999miniEG is a small form factor multi-channel expanded beam connector for high-vibration environment on-board vehicles or other mechanized equipment.


·        Expandable Beam Cable Assemblies www.tycoelectronics.com/catalog/feat/en/s/26727?BML=10576,17560,22645

·        LuxCis® High Density/ARINC 801 www.tycoelectronics.com/catalog/feat/en/c/23913?BML=10576,17560,22645

·        MTCT Modular Rectangular Connectors for LuxCis™ Optical Termini www.tycoelectronics.com/catalog/feat/en/c/25162?BML=10576,17560,22645

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