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RF & Coax

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Product Brief :


Tyco Electronics offers both standard and custom RF cables. In the case of custom cable, Tyco’s expertise offer match between cable, connector and the application that meets customer’s exact requirements. Tyco treats every cable assembly application as unique, and its custom solution provides tailoring to match customer’s precise product details, such w.r.t return loss and insertion loss, propagation delay and phase matching, shielding and EMI, or special mechanical issues like density, latching, appearance, flexibility, or even weight.

Tyco Electronics offers a wide range of RF/Coax Cable assemblies including 50 and 75-Ohm solutions, from micro-miniature UMCC and SSMT to higher power assemblies using N-Series and DIN 7/16 connectors, to QSL for desktop antenna applications. Furthermore, Tyco uses a variety of cable types to meet unique requirements from standard military qualified RG cable to low loss foamed PE and PTFE tape wrapped cable as well as semi-rigid. Their engineering experts will find the right combination of materials to provide a cost effective solution for the customer.

Tyco’s global cable manufacturing centres can meet the production requirements and delivery needs, by being there everywhere; the customer needs them to be!

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • China
  • Poland
  • Holland
  • Japan

Testing Capabilities:

 Tyco offers test facilities (such as listed below), which can be an integral part of a customer’s manufacturing processes. It utilizes network analysers, TDR, and intermodulation test equipment among others, for extensive electrical and environmental characterization of an assembly line. 


·         VSWR

·         Return Loss

·         Insertion Loss

·         Phase matching

·         Propagation Delay

·         Impedance

·         Passive Intermodulation



Listed RF Products


QSL Cable Assemblies

The new QSL RF Series is designed to support the increasing demand for WiFi and WiMax enabled products and applications. This developing inter-connection family includes both single and multi-port versions, with a wide range of receptacle configuration options, as well as cable plugs terminated to RG 174 and RG 316 style bulk cable. QSL boasts high reliability with its ruggedized interface. It is an excellent price-to-performance ratio product for WiFi, WiMax antenna mobility, communications broadcast, set top boxes, and integration media applications.

Ultraminiature Coax Connector (UMCC) and Cable Assemblies,22530,23025,23045

An Ultraminiature Coax Connector (UMCC) and Cable Assembly Series is available from Tyco Electronics to meet the growing demand for next generation wireless applications such as Wireless Internet, RFID, Bluetooth, Mobile Antennas and Wireless Handsets. UMCC is an excellent fit for 50 Ohm systems, offering one of the lowest profiles in the industry (2mm off the board), easy snap on/off mating, an extremely small footprint (3mm x 3mm) and superior electrical performance through 6 GHz.

·        High Speed

·        Industry Standard,22530,23025

·        Power

·        Speciality

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