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New Measurement Applications for the PXA Signal Analyzer

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Product Brief :

The new X-Series measurement applications for PXA support several standards in cellular communications and digital video. Applications are available to order on March 1. Beta software is available now; contact your local Agilent representative for details.

The LTE applications provide one-button measurements needed for RF transmitter conformance testing of base station and user equipments. These conformance measurements include: EVM, frequency error, ACLR, SEM and more.

In addition, the applications also provide a comprehensive set of analysis tools to gain greater insight into the performance of your device under test (DUT):
  1. * A rich selection of EVM measurements – Overall/Data/Pilot/RS EVM, EVM per carrier, symbol, resource block, channel and slot
  2. * A compound constellation display, color coded by active channel
  3. * Frame summary table color coded by active channels, showing the power, EVM, modulation and resource block allocation of all active channels and signals
  4. * Symbol table with demodulated raw bits
* Channel frequency and impulse response plus more
Learn more about these applications * LTE-FDD: * LTE-TDD:
W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ This application provides one-button measurements needed for RF transmitter conformance testing of 3GPP base station and user equipments, including: EVM, frequency error, peak code domain error, ACLR, SEM and more.

In addition to these conformance tests, the application also provides comprehensive set of analysis tools to gain greater insight on your DUT:

  1. * Automatic detection of all active channels and signals, regardless of the symbol rate or spread code-length
  2. * Single and composite-layer code domain power (CDP) and code domain error (CDE) displays. View one layer at a time or view all layers to determine the behavior of specific layers and channels
  3. * CDP, CDE and overall error summary to evaluate the overall in-band performance of your DUT

  4. Learn more about this application * W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA+:
    DVB-T/H and ISDB-T

    The digital video applications provide one-button standard-based power and modulation analysis measurements. These measurements include: modulation analysis of QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM, channel power, shoulder attenuation, ACP, IQ distortion and more.

    Learn more about these applications * DVB-T/H: * ISDB-T:
    N9030A PXA signal analyzer

    Agilent’s new PXA signal analyzer has the performance, flexibility, capability and expandability to address demanding applications in cellular communications, digital video, and more. Ready for 4G and beyond, it is the evolutionary replacement for your current high-performance signal analyzer so you can reveal new levels of signal details faster, wider and deeper.
    Learn more about the PXA:

Product ID: N9030A
Product URL :

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