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New Single CCFL Lamp Inverters

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Product Brief :

Microsemi is proud to announce the introduction of two new Single Lamp CCFL Inverters families to drive a wide variety of 4-12" TFT LCD Displays. The new families will substitute and enhance the current Microsemi offerings identified by Part Numbers starting by LXMG1617™ and LXMG1618™. Series Identifier Description Improvement over
Existing Offering "A Series"

Part Numbers starting with LXMG1617A™ & LXMG1618A™ Upgraded & Improved Replacements of existing modules with Part Numbers starting with LXMG1617™ & LXMG1618™

  • Wider Dimming Range (100:1)
  • Wider Temperature Range (-30°C to 80°C)
  • VEasyLIT™ =
    LXMG181x™ Series

    Part Numbers Starting with LXMG181x™ (Inverter) AND LXMG1800_LS™ (Visible Light Sensor Board) High Performance Single CCFL Lamp Inverters available also in an easy and ready to use kit that integrates Microsemi Visible Light Sensors!
  • Increased Dimming Range (50:1 to 100:1)
  • Wider Input Voltage Range
  • Wider Lamp Driving & Striking Capability
  • AVAILABLE as an individual high performance inverter or in a kit solution w/ an easy plug 'n play Visible Light Sensor Board that integrates Microsemi LX1974™!
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