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Advanced Electronic Manufacturing LLC or AEM-LLC is a company, which
specializes in Contract Manufacturing; Product Development; and Prototyping. They also provide Cable Assembly services. Their key product areas are Electronic Connectors; Moulded Electronic Cable Assemblies; Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies; Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs); Power Supplies, Power Adapters, Battery Chargers, & Battery Packs; Sheet Metal; Plastic Moulding; Membrane Switches and Keypads; Packaging; and, Complete Turnkey Assemblies.

AEM serves the following markets segments:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Computer Electronics and Peripherals
  • Home Structured Wiring
  • Medical ECG and Monitoring Equipment
  • HVAC Equipment Controllers
  • Electronic Off-Road Vehicle and Motorcycle Lighting
  • Safety Equipment
  • Electronic Retail Security Systems
  • Public Storage Security Systems
  • Multi-Media Classroom and Teaching Systems
  • POS Repair and Refurbishing
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • LED Lighting

AEM offers a wide range of connectors such as:

  • RF: TNC, UHF, BNC, Twin Axial, N-Type
  • Audio / Video: RCA, F, PAL, Phone, Binding Post, Banana Plug
  • Fiber Optic: TOSLINK, 3.5MM Optical, ST, SC, SMA, FDDI
  • Computer: D-SUB, DIN, IDC, Headers, USB, Fire Wire, SCSI PCB Mount,
  • Wire-to-Wire, Modular CAT5 / CAT5E
  • Telephone: Modular Plugs / Sockets, Telco, Krone, 100 Terminals

AEM offers moulded cable assemblies such as fiber optic, audio/video,
computer, telephone, flat ribbon, and power cord assemblies. It stocks a
range of cable assemblies and also undertakes to develop custom made

AEM offers Turnkey Assemblies as service, which includes:

  • Box build assembly, an effective streamlined production method
  • Backplane assembly
  • Surface-mount assembly
  • Thru-hole assembly
  • High-mixed assembly
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Device programming such as Flash, EEPROM & micro controllers
  • In-circuit & custom testing
  • Optional ROHS compliance

For its product development and prototyping capabilities please visit their
website for more details.

To an AEM partner, it offers the advantages of contract manufacturing such
as cost reduction; project management; inventory management; quality management; and improving time to market. It has operations in USA and China.

Please contact Customer Service for your enquiries:
Nicole Mortensen
Phone: (954)893 6955 X 300

AEM has an office in China location:

AEM China Office
#1, Lane 6, Xinzhuang Village, HouJie town,
DongGuan, GuangDong, China
Phone: +86 769 8583 4480
Fax: +86 769 8583 4481

AEM is an ISO-13485: 2003 & QAIC/CN/85136-B certified company.

Editor’s note: AEM-LLC is an ISO certified company and has a mix of products and services for the RF and Fiber Optic connectors and cable assemblies.

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