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Advanced Control Components Inc

Advanced Control Components, Inc. (ACC) was founded in 1982. The focus of the company has always been on the manufacture of RF and microwave components.

Advanced Control Components, Inc. (ACC) is a manufacturer of RF and microwave components. The products have evolved from the original passive receiving components to include today's highly complex multi-function assemblies. ACC manufactures PIN Diode based RF & Microwave Control Components including standard switches, digital attenuators, and custom control components including switches, switched-based assemblies, attenuators, phase shifters, coupler-detectors, threshold-detectors, switch matrices, multi-function assemblies, and MIC's. Our designs feature state-of-the-art performance. Spanning from DC to beyond 20 GHz, control components are designed for hi-rel military, space qualified applications, and cost effective commercial applications. Receiving Components comprise tunnel and schottky detectors, limiter-detectors, amplifier-detectors, limiters and a wide variety of component integrations for multiple functionality. Operating frequencies now extend to 40 GHz and beyond. Components are available as connectorized versions or as modules for microstrip or surface mount designs. Products include frequency discriminators, LOG IF amplifiers, linear amplifiers, limiter amplifiers, detector LOG video amplifiers, detector video amplifiers, and threshold detectors. All components exhibit high performance characteristics and are designed for high reliability applications. These components are used in ECM, EW, and UAV systems, as well as high performance Superhet Receivers and test equipment. A list of standard products is offered. Provide customized product development to suit individual corporate client requirements. With our mixture of both military and commercial customers, ACC is able to offer all of its customers quality and reliability at a competitive price. Investments in equipment and technology constantly keep our standards at the highest in our industry. Advanced Control Components, Inc. and its dedicated experienced technical personnel welcome your inquiries about our products and capabilities.

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