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Chinmore Industry Company Limited

Chinmore Industry Company Limited was established in 1988 in Taiwan. It is a manufacturer and assembler of accessories for cellular phones and telecommunication parts. It manufactures coaxial connector parts, antennas, antenna adapter cables, plug-in savers/chargers, portable handsfree kits, travel/chargers and other accessories for cellular phone market. Its R&D has equipments like VTVM meter, audio measuring system and other machines. 

Chinmore specializes in designing and manufacturing of cellular phone antennas, patch antennas, GPS /GSM antennas and RF connectors and RF adapter cables. Its factory services a worldwide OEM/ODM clients. 

Chinmore offers the following categories of products:  

  • Car Antenna
  • GPS Antennas 
  • Wireless LAN products 
  • Yagi Antenna
  • Coaxial Crimping Tool
  •  Microwave Cable Assemblies 
  •  RF Connectors: 
  •  RF Connector - SMA Series
  •  RF Connector - MMCX Series
  •  RF Connector - MCX Series   
  •  RF Connector - SMB Series 
  •  RF Connector - BNC Series  
  •  RF Connector - N Series 
  •  RF Connector - TNC Series
  •  RF Connector - UHF Series 
  •  RF Connector - FME Series 
  •  RF Connector - F Series 
  •  DVB-T Antenna  
  •  PATCH Antenna
  •  STUBBY Antenna Products
  •  Indoor Antenna
  •  AM Loop Antenna
  •  Arrestor 
  •  Antenna Adaptor Cable-MOTOROLA Series
  •  Antenna Adaptor Cable-NOKIA Series
  •  Antenna Adaptor Cable-SONY ERICSSON Series  
  •  Antenna Adaptor Cable-LG Series
  •  Antenna Adaptor Cable-SAMSUNG Series
  •  Antenna Adaptor Cable-OTHER Series  
  •  OMNI Antenna Series
  •  Mini Coaxial Cable
  •  Mini Connector for P.C.B
  •  RF Connector - SMC Series
  •  RF Connector - Other Series 
  •  G Mouse
  •  802.11n MIMO Antenna
  •  802.11b/g High power USB Adapter
  •  Panel Antenna 
  •  Cellular Phone Repeater/BOOSTERS for Vehicle 30 series
  •  Cellular Phone Repeater/BOOSTERS for DCS/PCS/UMTS Series -- 3 products  
  •  Cellular Phone Repeater/BOOSTERS for iDEN/CDMA/GSM/Japanese system 
  •  GSM/3G Antenna

Their main office and factory are based in Taipei County, while the branch factory is located in Dongguan, China.

It is in the process of adding a third manufacturing plant. It holds patents for antenna connector of cellular phone and mobile phone adaptor cable.  

It is an ISO 9001-2000 cerified company.

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