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Kenstel Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Kenstel Communications Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed company engaged in design and manufacture of Antennas, IBS, Connectors and Cable Assemblies. We are one of the largest manufacturers of these products in India.

The company has excellent manufacturing and testing facilities and is supplying most of its production to reputed OEMs in the industry. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

The portfolio of wireless antenna systems include Sector Antennas, Grid Parabolic Antennas, Omni Directional Antennas, Patch Panel Antennas, Ground Plane Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Collinear Antennas, Mobile Antennas, Train Antennas, Marine Antennas, Rubber Duck Antennas and Telescopic Antennas for UHF/VHF bands for defence, para military and police wireless, data Antennas for satellite communication, WiFi, WiLAN, WiMAX, GSM and CDMA Antennas, IBS (IN Building Solutions), RF Connectors, RF Components such as power splitters and cable assemblies.

The range of wireless antenna solutions covers the entire communication band seamlessly from HF antenna to 8.5 GHz Microwave bands. Our products meet the international quality standards. We have testing facilities upto 8.5 GHz.

We have in-house R&D facility and can design and manufacture as per customer specifications. We can design and deliver wireless antenna matching any required specifications within a short turn around time.

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