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Champlain Cable Corporation

Founded in 1955, Champlain Cable Corporation is located in Vermont, USA. It is a cable manufacturing company focusing on Aerospace, Industrial, Military, Telecommunication and Automotive market segments.

Champlain's capabilities include multiple layer extrusion, tape wrapping, braiding, twinning, multi-conductor cabling, jacketing and special coatings. It designs products to meet power, signal and data needs such as tight spaces, temperature extremes, harsh chemicals, flexibility, vibration or problem connectors.

Champlain has cable products in the following domains:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Data and Electronics: Networking, Cellular, and Security
  • Military

  Champlain offers Cables for High Speed Data communication and Cellular Base station applications: XLC coax is widely used for high frequency RF applications as Mil-C-17 equivalent. Its RFC products offer flexible, low noise, coax cable performance.XLC coax has cross linked foamed polyethylene allowing operation up to 105ºC. 

  • XLC Coax
  • XLC Coax Low Loss Version
  • RFC Coax

Cables for Networking applications: Dataclear plenum and riser are high performance computer network cables.  Champlain Cable offers 4 pair Category 5E, 5 and Category 6 cables. Category 5 cables are available in 6, 12 and 25 pair bundles without fillers or spacers.  Datapak combines fiber, coax and twisted pair in a single cable such as the work stations have access to voice, network, multi-media applications.    Security: Champlain Cable Corporation manufactures customized cables that are water and fluid resistant for use in direct burial applications for security applications such as airport perimeters, prisons and military bases.   Champlain has 180,000 sq ft of manufacturing facility in Vermont. It is an ISO 9001:2000, TS-16949:2002 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company. 

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