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Furukawa Electric Europe Limited

Founded in 1998, Furukawa Electric Europe Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Furukawa Electric Company of Japan and was established in London serving the European, African and Middle Eastern Markets. The company is organised by product group, having sales divisions handling Automotive, Electronic & Optical components as well as an Interconnectivity Division specialising in Fusion Splicers & MT Connectors.


Products offered by Furukawa are - Automotive, Optical connectors, Optical components (for Telecom/CATV/Wireless),  Fusion splicers,  Materials - N.T. Alloys, Electronics   Furukawa offers the following Optical connectors:

  • MPO connectors and cable assemblies
  • MT Ferrule
  • MT-RJ connectors/cable assemblies
  • Lightray MPX cable

  Furukawa offers the following Cables

  • HDTV Optical camera cable
  • Smart HDTV Assembly checker
  • Hybrid camera cable having fiber and power conductor

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Furukawa Electric Europe ...

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