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D & B Injection Moulders Limited

Founded 20 years ago, D & B Injection Moulders Limited is located in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It manufactures cable glands and their associated products. It also offers moulding service from design to finished product.

It has a wide range of metric and PG glands from M10 to M63 and PG7 to PG48. It also also mould a range of associated products eg. locknuts, bushes, blanking plugs threaded reducer bushes etc. 

The IP68 glands conform to BS EN 50262 and have been independently tested and certified. It supplies flexible conduit and it's associated fittings.    Services It offers trade moulding service, from initial concept through to volume production including  At the early stage of a project we can advice on product design including CAD, choice of polymer, compounds and colour pigments. From final drawings, it has full tool making facilities for combination tools, single cavity and multi cavity moulds.   It has developed a range of thread moulding tools and can also assist with mould maintenance, modifications and repair work.   Products
  • Cable Ties 
  • Conduit Clips 
  • Connection Box 
  • Flame Retardant Connection Box 
  • IP40 Contractor Packs 
  • IP40 Flexible Conduit Glands 
  • IP55 Cable Gland 
  • IP68 Cable Gland 
  • Locknuts
  • Sealing washers
  • Threaded bush
  • Olan box

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