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LEONI Kerpen GmbH

The LEONI Datacom is a business unit of Leoni group of companies ( and is headquartered in Stolberg, Germany. It is a manufacturer and supplier of wide range of cable products such as LAN cable, copper and fiber optical cables, systems, components, accessories and utilities.Its products caters to Premises data cabling for industry based on IEC 24702, data centers, home and office cabling.

Fields of application

Primary data cabling (WAN, MAN, Access and LAN), secondary data cabling or backbone (Access and LAN), horizontal data cabling (SAN and LAN),cabling for industrial premises (LAN Industry) and equipment for computer centers (Data Center). .   Locations

  • LEONI Kerpen GmbH, Stolberg, Germany
  • LEONI Studer GmbH, Riedstadt, Germany
  • j-fiber GmbH

  LEONI Kerpen GmbH, Stolberg is involved in the field of cable-bound networks.   The services, Leoni Datacom offers range from the production of their own fibres and manufacturing of data cables and connecting components to the design of complete systems.   Leoni Datacom is an ISO 9001 certified company. LEONI Kerpen is an ISO 14001 certified company.

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LEONI Kerpen GmbH

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