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Duplex CSA Limited

Founded in 1992, Duplex CSA Limited is located in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. It specialises in the supply of industry standard and custom-made RF coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and shielding products to the electronics industry. Products range from the low cost F series and IEC connectorsto more sophisticated SMA, SMB and MCX styles, adaptors catering to the Cable and Satellite Industry.

Products offered by Duplex CSA are:

  • Connectors (Standard and Custom)
  • Metalwork Assemblies
  • Cable Assemblies
  • High performance connectors, DPX series
  • Microminiature connectors such as: Small Gauge Coaxial,FFC/FPC,Micro Miniature RF Coax, Docking Connector
  • Fiber
  Duplex CSA cover the entire spectrum of standard coaxial connector types:- BNC, mini BNC, TNC, Twin-ax, N Series, UHF, Mini UHF, F-Series, SMA, SMB, IEC (TV Type) RCA, Phono series and many more.All are available in male/female variants, right angle or straight versions with mountings to suit panels cables or pcb.   Duplex CSA offers Equivalent connectors to:
  • F connectors
  • TV connectors
  • BNC connectors
  • Mini BNC connectors

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Duplex CSA Limited

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