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JST Manufacturing Company Limited

Founded in 1957, JST Manufacturing Company Limited is located in Osaka, Japan. It is a manufacturer of a wide range of solderless terminals and connectors.

JST Group has a global network of production sites, R&D facilities, and service centers. JST's product line includes Ultra thin PC connector for PC memory card, 0.5mm pitch board-to-board connector JMD, 0.5mm pitch FFC (Flexible Flat Cable)/FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit) connector and FLZ. 

  JST offers the following categories of products:
  • Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors
  • Wire to Board Insulation Displacement Connectors
  • Board to Board Connectors
  • Card Edge Connectors
  • FFC/FPC Connectors
  • Ribbon Cable Connectors
  • Headers/Jumpers/Compression type Connectors,Other Connectors
  • Card Connectors
  • Coaxial or Optical Fiber Connectors
  • Interface Connection Connectors
  • Wire to Wire Connectors
  • Chain Terminals/Splices
  • Solderless Terminals
  • Solderless Splices
  • Shunt Wires
  • Application Tools/Machines
  • DIN type Solderless Terminals/Splices
  • Automotive Connector
  • Connector kit
  • Protector

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