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Rochester Wire & Cable / Tyco

Founded in 1794, more than 200 years ago, Rochester Wire & Cable is located in Culpeper, Virginia, USA. After its acquisition, it is a subsidiary of Tyco Electronics ( It is a manufacturer of electro-optical cables, wirelines, and hard drawn bright and galvanized steel wire, specialty,umbilical and undersea armored cables catering to an array of applications.

Rochester Wire & Cable has a 400,000 square foot (37,000 square meter) facility located in Culpeper, houses a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, optical, and environmental testing capabilities, as well as its own wire drawing mill which gives the company carbon steel wire.

Rochester offers the following Products: Electrical Optical
  •  Side Scan Sonar Tow Cables
  •  Electro-Optic Tow Cables
  •  Armored Mining Cables
  •  Offshore Oil Cables
  •  ROV & Plow Umbilical Cables
  •  TV Inspection Cables
  •  Coaxial Cables
  •  Single Conductor CTD & Instrumentation Cable
  •  Multi Conductor Instrumentation Cable
  Wirelines   Wire
  •   Armoring Wire
  •   Mechanical Spring Wire
  •   Mattress Lacing Wire
  •   Music Wire
  Other Rochester manufacturing locations:   
  • Rochester Wire & Cable
  • 9450 Clarewood
  • Houston, TX 77036
  • Phone: (713) 981-8293
  • Fax: (713) 981-1226
  • Rochester Wire & Cable 
  • Compass House
  • 8-16 Bromham Road
  • Bedford MK40 2QA
  • Bedfordshire, England
  • Phone: 44-1234-327013
  • Fax: 44-1234-327062
  The Rochester Corporation is an ISO 9001 certified company. Its other certifications include the ASTM certifications: A-510, A-227, A-228, A-461, A-679, A-407-98, and A-1007-00.

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